Morris is an implementation of the board game "Nine Men's Morris". Other names for this game are: Mills, Merrills, Morris, or Mühle in German. Nine Men's Morris, being probably 2000-3000 years old, appears to be one of the oldest board games, much older than chess. From the 12th to the 18th century, Nine Men's Morris was one of the most popular board games in Europe. However, it is still actively played today and exists in several variants, e.g., Morabaraba, which is particularly popular in South Africa.

This implementation of Nine Men's Morris supports not only the standard game, but also several rule-variants and different board layouts. You can play against the computer, or simply use the program to present the board, but play against another human opponent. The computer opponent learns from previous games and tries not to make the same mistake twice. This ensures enough variation in game-play, should you once have managed to beat the program.

Among others, the game plays the following variants:

Furthermore, the game supports:


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